Hi. I’m Sabya ๐Ÿ‘‹.

In this blog, I write about programming, tech, and building software:

  • Topics I’m learning. My notes, insights during the process. I’ll try to simplify complex concepts.
  • Articles, books, and other learning sources that I found to be delightful.
  • The mistakes that taught me something.
  • Keeping programming fun.

About me

I am a backend software developer living in Bangalore.

I have experience working as an IC and a manager, both at large and small startup product companies. In the past, I was leading the platform team at Flipkart Search. Before that, I was a founding and chief engineer at Newton Mail, the popular email client for OS X, iOS, Android.


  • Boiling a “product idea” down to an engineering problem, breaking it into systems and modules.
  • Architecting and building backend systems. Extensive experience in scaling systems.
  • Scaling engineering teams.

Contact Me

Whether you want to talk business or hang out, I love hearing from people. I’m on Twitter @sabya, and here is my LinkedIn.